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"The Specialty Breeds Chicken Program provides a significant growth opportunity for the Ontario chicken industry. Ontario's demographics are changing rapidly and the demand for different types of chicken has been growing as well."

- Henry Zantingh, Chairman, CFO



Fresh Ideas, Growing Together 

Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) provides supply management leadership to an evolving and growing chicken industry in Ontario which includes the largest number of chicken farmers and the most diverse consumer base in the country.  CFO helps develop and expand opportunities for Ontario businesses that are innovating in existing and/or emerging consumer markets. CFO ensures consumers enjoy a reliable supply of high quality, safe, locally grown Ontario chicken.


CFO's Specialty Breeds Chicken Program 

CFO has approved a new program to support the increasing Ontario consumer demand for alternative breeds of chicken. The new program will create exciting opportunities for the specialty chicken value chain - hatcheries, farmers, distributors and retailers of specialty breeds of chicken - to support current and emerging consumer markets.   

CFO's Specialty Breeds Chicken Program was developed to bring Ontario into alignment with the national Chicken Farmers of Canada specialty breeds policy.  The new program specifies that two common breeds of specialty chicken will now be included under this program: Frey's Special Dual Purpose chicken and Silkie chicken. After processing, these birds have their "head and feet on" and are popular with many of Ontario's growing ethnocultural consumer communities.

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